I interviewed several companies for our remodeling project. Rich distinguished himself at our initial bid appointment because he asked thoughtful questions and made some very good suggestions. I incorporate most of his ideas and recommendations and I have no regrets. Once the remodel started I was very overwhelmed by all the decisions that needed to be made. An interior decorator was not within my budget and the Melchiors provided an alternative that was not available from the other contractors that I interviewed. Rich and Gloria set up lighting, appliance, tile, flooring, cabinet, and plumbing appointments and accompanied me to each appointment to guide me the selection process. I found Rich and Gloria to be professional, personable, supportive, and honest. I believe their team approach is effective and unique and I highly recommend them.
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If you have met this couple, you’ve probably already decided to work with them on your project. So, theirs no point in trying to convince you to hire them. Though I will affirm your excellent choice. You will undoubtedly be happy with your decision throughout the process. Our initial impressions of Rich and Gloria as competent, hardworking, sincere designers have turn into everlasting impressions. We were please and impressed with Rich’s structural design work product and Gloria’s interior ideas and recommendation they carefully listened to our wishes and guided us through uncertainties and structural obstacles. Our house was built in 1909, so your can imagine the challenges inherent in the project. Because our experiences were so great, we wanted to take the time to make this recommendation so that other can benefit from the quality of their work and dedication.
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Brenda & Jennifer
Green Lake Household
We have had so much enjoyment in the use of our newly designed Kitchen, Dining, and Living area and would like to thank you sincerely for guiding us patiently through the entire design and remodel process. Your suggestion on the kitchen design so as to limit the flow of traffic around the kitchen instead of through it have been right on! We are able to entertain large groups while working the kitchen, remaining involved in the conversation but without having guests under foot in the kitchen Your approach in guiding us through the design process was very appreciated as you met with us at hours convenient to our schedule listened carefully to understand the colors, style, and design that we wanted, then guided us in the selection of quality products and reasonable prices. Through it all, we felt we had a partner who was here to help us truly achieve the results we’d hoped for. Thanks so much for your professionalism.
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Gary & Dena
We worked very closely with Rich and Gloria Melchior on a basement remodel of our home. We have been very impressed with the professional teamwork they process. Rich has a thorough knowledge of building codes so that he is able to relay valuable information when starting the design process. Gloria works right along side of him taking notes so that every idea and question is addressed. We felt very connected to our project and have enjoyed working with both of them. We are already looking forward to a kitchen remodel and working with them again.
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Mike & Donna
Queen Ann Hill
We have been working with rich Design Group LLC for a number of years on various projects and found them to be very reliable, experienced and oriented to the aesthetic as well as the structural stability/durability of a project. We are a small engineering practice in Lynnwood with a German born and educated Engineer of 30+ yrs experience and when ever we teamed up with Rich and Gloria every project turned out to be a well rounded, nicely done craftsmanship jewel of a project. Rich thrives to make the owners dreams come true within the limits of a given budget and capability of the existing structure.
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Roland & Manuela
TecInstruct LLC
Rich and Gloria have done two major remodels for us; one in 2005 added about 300 sq ft on the second level for an expanded kitchen and breakfast nook plus a new deck and mud room. The second remodel in 2011 bumped the front of the house out 6 ft for a new master bedroom and bath, including a walk in closet, new entry way and new roof line. Rich and Gloria are very easy to work with, they have quality subcontractors and keep a close control on the project to make sure it gets done on time. We highly recommend Rich and Gloria for any project, large or small, and have referred a number of neighbors and friends to them.
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Jerry & Laura
We are grateful to Rich and Gloria for their professional advice and infinite patience with our ideas and wishes. They are a very good resource for anyone planning a remodeling project and/or construction. Always honest and open, and both have a great sense of humor! Thank you, Rich and Gloria
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We commissioned Rich Design to design a new home to be built in Maridian Valley Country Club. Rich's design was incredibly creative and yet very responsive to our desires Ann ideas. Gloria was indispensable in working with us making interior design choices. They make a great team. Can not recommend then highly enough
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Lloyd & Glenda
Maridian Valley Country Club
I have had the pleasure of working with Rich and Gloria Melchior on my design project for a kitchen remodel. I cannot begin to say how much help and patience they have had with me. Rich and Gloria demonstrated a high degree of integrity and professionalism. They were always on time and true to their work. Together they bring a wonderful sense of taste and a deep well of knowledge. I give my thanks and wish all others could have the experience I have had!
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As owners of a closet company, we have been fortunate to work on several home projects where Rich & Gloria have been responsible for both the structural and cosmetic aspects of the job. Of all the homes we enter, whether remodels or new construction, Rich and Gloria's work is always among the very best we have seen. We find ourselves constantly commenting on the beautiful designs and wonderful choices of colors and materials they use. We highly recommend them.
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Gary & Joan
Owners of Amazing Spaces
To Those Considering a Major Remodel The Rich Design Group worked with us on a major remodel, which included tearing off a significant portion of our home. The house was built in 1912 with a very small kitchen. A larger kitchen and garage were added in the 1960’s with no attention to either quality of build or to the interior and exterior architectural design of the house. We wanted to replace the 1960’s addition with one that matched the exterior design of the home and give us a modern kitchen, while respecting the interior of the house. After attending many home shows and talking with lots of remodeling companies we chose the Rich Design Group. Our choice was based upon several factors. The primary factor was that they would be involved in the project from start to finish. This included not only the architectural design, but the engineering studies, permitting, contracting, subcontracting, material selection and finishes. Our cost and completion date were known prior to the start of the project. Of course as in any significant undertaking of this type, unexpected issues did occur and when they did the Rich Design Group was there to help us find positive, cost effective solutions. We found working with the Rich Design Group to be a pleasure. They listened to what we wanted, made great suggestions and explained why some things just would not work. We love our new addition (Kitchen & Garage). Importantly, the project came in on time and under budget! What more can I say?
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