Design assessment

We will do an initial site visit to evaluate your needs in person and to get a feel for your project requirements with a real world perspective. Our initial proposal will include floor plans and design flows in accord with the fundamental structure and working models of architectural and interior designs.

For additions and remodeling, close attention is applied to ensure a fluid transition between the new and existing structure, to preserve the aesthethic of the original motif.

Material Selection Tour

A Rich Design & Build Consultant will take you on a one-on-one tour at one of our vendor showcase locations to view and compare a comprehensive inventory of design options, paint colors and textures, construction materials, finishes, and other options to choose from.  Available times: Monday – Friday during regular office hours. Contact us to book an appointment: 253-486-7626.

codes & Compliance

We facilitate contractor, engineering, and other liaising services to secure thorough documentation. We review all required permits, codes and standards, along with timing and other expectations on the project. For commercial projects, we return with specifications and recommendations ready for corporate presentation and perusal as needed. We maintain close coordination with a dedicated project manager for assistance and customer support as soon as possible.

Contract Transparency

We may review our contract in person, or make other arrangements accoding to yor preference, to provide any in-depth explanations or answer any questions that you may have. We can itemize each line item and furnish additional materials, such as maintenance and care information, upon request.

We recommend reviewing the cost schedule and due dates for confirmation and clarification of estimated fees and terms, what our fees and rates entail, and to assist you with any substitution or replacements. We are committed to offering the best value for your money—with continued appreciation over time.

Complete Project

To ensure timely completion and value for money, we provide a Job Binder which may include complete plans and schedules, like:

  • Full color 3D plans,
  • Space planning,
  • Built measurements,
  • Material selections,
  • Multiple design options,
  • Installation requirements,
  • Lead times,
  • Project timelines,
  • Construction documents,
  • Data sheets,
  • Permits and Forms,
  • Contact list,
  • Necessary action plans outlining our interior design and selection process.

The binder may be updated when needed or serve as reference on the job site. It is recommended to keep contracts and receipts on a separate file for safekeeping.